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The Clash City Rockers Cafè is not just a bar with a tobacconist’s shop, but it is a historic place just outside Milan that has a well-defined peculiarity: the passion for music, in particular for that of the Clash or “the only band that matters ”As the group is usually called by the fans.
There are almost 1500 pieces collected around the world in over 30 years, divided into 4 rooms, each of which dedicated to a member of the band. Each room has been designed to provide the client with a well-defined chronological itinerary from beginnings to solo careers.

The Clash City Rockers Cafè has a garden, the Strummer’s Garden, with tables and chairs that offers space for DJ sets, concerts, photographic exhibitions, book presentations, etc. In the garden you can see two columns of the ancient gate through which the carriages passed and a new mural dedicated to Joe Strummer, the work of the arteriographyinrapsodia artist Laura Montrasio.

Una Curiosità

The ancient name of the Clash City Rockers Café was Leon d’oro, in practice the London equivalent of the Golden Lion, the pub where the future manager of the Clash Bernie Rhodes went on May 26, 1976 to give Joe Strummer the ultimatum: 48 hours to decide whether to join the Clash or not!
Chance or fate? : D
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